Experience Digital Sensuality
The website is an art project inspired by the mirror test, the concept "mimesis" from philosophy and the intentionality theory.
TIMELINE August 2015 -December 2015
STATUS Published
visual research
ux research
problem statement
It is not obvious that we humans are able to recognize our reflection. This dignity is reserved for only a few animals and leads, for example, to the development of empathy. From the Platonian and Aristotelian philosophy, this phenomenon is described as a "mimetic relation to reality". In other words; the mental capacity of humankind to identify with a reflection, which is the imitation of the physical world.
concept design
operation of the website
The act of feeling more attracted to certain images than others is also no coincidence. It so happens that in the image we see, we recognize an emotion that is a summary of an experience from the past. The website offers an experience of visual content that is not ordered.
The framework are the emotions to which the images refer; unrest, confusion, fear, powerlessness, shame, loneliness and lust. It is up to the visitor to organize the displayed content. Each time 1 image is shown with multiple crosses which serve to move towards another image. The visitor unconsciously chooses a cross that attracts them the most. Each cross symbolizes a smaller component of an emotion. 
The choices made are then saved as an abstract term. The individual storyline is displayed at the top of the browser. Each individual visit remains a unique experience of the virtual artwork.
ix design
interactions structure
To explore the whole experience, go to and build your individual storyline