the tattoo community app that connect tattoo artists with tattoo collectors
UX Design for mobile screen, tattoo bookings app, artist profile
UX Design for mobile, tattoo bookings app, confirm and pay for booking
UX Design for mobile screen ,tattoo bookings app, artist profile wit description and contact option
UX design for mobile screen ,tattoo bookings app, artist work display with drawings
UX design for mobile screen ,tattoo bookings app, filter setup, search, looking for tattoos on hands
UX design for mobile screen ,tattoo bookings app, filter setup, search,  tattoos on hands
screen 1: UI design-artists profile screen 2: UI design-bookings tool screen 3: UI design-artists profile screen 4: UI design-artists work overview screen 5: UI design-filter search for tattoos on body parts screen 6: UI design-filter display tattoos on hands
Timeline August 2020-March 2021
STATUS Portfolio Project
Category Product design/UX/UI/IX
the design process
design thinking
The design process of INK TANK is based on the design thinking. The essence of the design thinking process is based on iteration - improvements based on feedback from other expertise fields or user feedback. The advantage of this approach is that the product development stays liquid and there is always space for improvements.
design thinking
product design
problem statement
Create a tattoo booking application that stimulates positively choosing the right tattoo artist, motive, size, spot on the body and other factors.
Conceptualise a product by conducting comprehensive research on trends, market dynamics, and target audience preferences. In the next step, carry out UX research to identify pain points that negatively impact the decision-making process. The objective is to create a product that appeals to a broad audience, inspiring and assisting users in comparing tattoos, artists, and craftsmanship effortlessly.
The INK TANK project concept aims to connect tattoo collectors with tattoo artists, creating a tool that supports the decision-making process continuously through curated source of inspiration, fostering seamless communication and community engagement.
ux design
ux research
The INK TANK project exemplifies the meticulous application of top-tier UX research practices. Spanning the design process from initial low-fidelity prototypes to the final mockups, numerous research methods were employed to gather qualitative and quantitative user feedback.
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user persona
Max (17)
user persona
William (29)
SWOT analysis
user interviews
affinity mapping
customer journeys
user flows
surveys and questionnaires
card sorting
a/b testing
For an in-depth understanding of the project's research insights, the research documentation is recommended. This resource covers a broad array of topics integral to the research process:
final ui design
save content tool
artist profile
share contet flow
consultation bookings flow
UX Design for mobile, tattoo bookings app, confirm and pay for booking
ix design
interaction design
For a complete experience of the interactions and to understand the structure of the flows, please visit the prototype.